Friday, September 30, 2011


This week has been long...rough...and tiring.  The past three weeks have been what we call 'Rush' here at work. It includes the week before the quarter starts and the first two weeks of class and is filled with long lines, constantly ringing phones, and a ton of students who for one reason or another are angry.  I've also worked over time at least two to three times a week for the past three weeks.  Yesterday was the worst.  It was the first direct deposit run for the remaining amounts of excess financial aid.  In the midst of trying to move the money to the bank and everything that goes along with it, my phone never stopped ringing.  It was full of students yelling because we weren't sending their money out fast enough.  We follow the same exact time frame for every quarter, no exceptions.  Autumn is a little different though because classes start on a Wednesday rather than a Monday which makes it seem like we're 9 days into the quarter rather than 7 which apparently makes a big difference.  I love numbers so I'm going to throw a few at you:
# of direct deposit refunds sent yesterday:  8,826
Amount of money sent via ACH yesterday:  $14,641,971.18
# of Stop Payments placed on initial refund checks:  40 in 2 days
# of checks returned for bad addresses:  100 in 3 days

On a much brighter note:  Aaron's cousin, Steve, is getting married tomorrow!  I love October weddings!!  On top of working over time the past week we've had to schedule in hair appointments, purchasing an outfit for myself (any excuse to shop), pick up Aaron's tux, rehearsal dinner tonight, purchasing a wedding gift (haven't don't yet), and Aaron has to write his speech for the wedding which he'll probably do after  a few shots of Jager...he's the best man.  While we're on the tuxedo issue:  Men's Warehouse apparently determines the size of your shirt based solely on the size of your neck.  So according to them a 16 inch neck warrants a L/XL shirt.  My husband is 5'6'' and 157 lbs.  Please tell me how he's going to fill out a L/XL shirt?  The lady's response:  your vest will cover it.  That's funny because they aren't wearing vests.

My remedy for stress and being cranky:  watch Jenna Marbles or some GloZell.  This week I watched White Girls at the Club.  I can semi relate because I was in a sorority and this does tend to happen...its funny because its true.

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