About Me

Like I've mentioned, I'm recently married, almost a year now, and we purchased our first home in June 2011 and had our first child, a girl, in June 2012.  We met each other about a month after we both got out of long term relationships.  He moved in after 1 month, we got engaged after 5 months, and got married after 10 months of being together.  I'm a firm believer of 'When you know, you know'.  We both spent several years in relationships that we knew wouldn't work but we stayed anyway and when we started dating it was like we were always meant to be together.  I am truly blessed to have this man in my life.

Additionally, I graduated from Capital University's School of Management in May 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting.  While there I was a sister of Zeta Pi Lambda, a local sorority where I was elected the Treasurer and Greek Council Representative.

I currently work for a large community college as an accountant.  Working at the college and interacting with students is usually what gets me going...sometimes positive and sometimes negative.  I do love my job and firmly stand behind the institution of higher education and support the role of community colleges and the opportunities they can provide to students.