Friday, September 23, 2011

Sweet Dreams...

Lately it seems I've been having dreams, strange dreams in vivid color.  Last night I dreamt my brother and I entered a physical challenge type deal and if we placed high enough in the competition we got to meet Barack Obama.  We won and got to meet the president but my brother had to leave early for his surgery.  That part makes sense.  He met with a specialist yesterday and the doctor told him that he would need to reposition his nose and that he now has a deviated septum.  Also there are apparently some nodule type things in your sinus cavity which the doctor will be removing for my brother.

After meeting the president last night I dreamt that a friend of mine from high school came to visit me and we got to catch up and I got to hold her new baby.  We haven’t spoken since October 8, 2005 which was her wedding and also two days before I ended my relationship with her younger brother.  There were no hard feelings or anger surrounding the situation and when she sees my mother she often asks how I’m doing.  We just haven’t spoken in many, many years.

I dreamt my husband cheated on me with a stripper.  If you knew us then you would know there’s no way that would happen.

I had a dream that there was a giant fuzzy caterpillar in the doorway and it was bright pink and black.  Aren't dreams usually in black and white?  I'm not sure because I rarely ever dream.

I had a dream that there was an infestation of spiders...kind of like the movie Arachnophobia.  They were brown and yellow and HUGE.  They also had a claw at the end of each leg which they would use to dig in to their victims and it did not feel good.  Once attached itself to my foot.

Also the night after Aaron and I finished paining our dining room and living room, I dreamt that I woke up the next morning and all of the paint was oozing and running down the walls.

Having all of these dreams so close together is bizarre for me.  I rarely dream and when I do, I often wake up but don’t remember the details.  I haven’t been taking melatonin anymore because I haven’t had any problems falling asleep so I’m not sure what’s causing all of these dreams.

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  1. I think our dreams have something to do with our subconscious, because some of my dreams are pretty out there,but at the same time make some sense of what is going on in my life...