Fellow Bloggers I Enjoy

Sara is a girl I went to high school with.  We played soccer together most of our lives.  She recently joined the Peace Corps which was something I considered until a man walked into my life that I couldn't be without.  She is currently in Morocco and this is her blog detailing her adventures in the Peace Corps.

Ashley is a girl that I was in my sorority and attended the same university as me but we are a few years apart.  I actually never had the pleasure of being in school or being a part of Zeta while she was there but she is wonderful and has an interesting blog of all things social and pertaining to Columbus.

Ericka worked with my mother and is an absolutely fabulous photographer and writer.  I truly enjoy looking at her photos and reading her blog.  You should check her out.

Sam is my cousin...well actually she's Aaron's cousin.   She blogs about her weight loss journey as well and also about her family and life in general.

This is a blog by my friend's older sister.  She blogs about life and interior decorating and since I just bought my first home I definitely find her interesting.

Taralynn McNitt...absolutely inspirational.  I love her blog.

Mama And Baby Love:  This blog is by a lady named Stephanie.  She is into health and wellness, all things natural, etc.  She has a lot of great information and links.

I went to college with Lea.  She's a wonderful and inspirational woman who has transformed herself and her life.  She has a great blog to follow as well.