Monday, August 6, 2012

little changes

So I've decided to get back on track.  Whilst discussing losing weight and getting healthy, my husband had me put a number on what would make me happy.  Traditionally, I go with a goal of:  whenever I feel good.  However, he had me put a number on it and that number would be 145.  That's still outside of the ideal range for someone who is 5'3'' with a small frame but it's a place that I haven't seen for a long time.  In fact, I couldn't imagine weighing 145 pounds again.  Aaron's biggest vices are not eating breakfast, fast food for lunch, and beer.  So I'm strong arming him into this as well...I'm tired of hearing about how he should lose weight when really I don't think he does.  He's a strapping young lad and I love him the way he is.  I'm hoping to fade things out and make small changes so I'm not so shocked.  Fast food needs to go and i need start phasing in healthier options for some of the not so good stuff.

SO, it starts.  Saturday we went to the grocery and picked up things to make healthy meals and walked out without his beloved beverage.  I'm definitely looking forward to home cooked meals, fresh asparagus, and green beans.  Sunday, hubby took care of Jess for the most part outside of her feedings which freed up a lot of my time.

1.)  I made his beloved breakfast burritos.  I make a bunch and freeze them so he can take one to work and get some food on his stomach.  These are too heavy for me so I stick to my Special K and fresh fruit.

2.)  I cut up a ton of berries and bell peppers.  We both love some fresh fruit and he loves eating raw peppers with ranch dressing...a bit weird in my opinion.

3.)  I made 4 16 oz jars of home made pasta sauce full of peppers, and minimal salt.  It's delicious.

4.)  For dinner, I made a pizza.  I used a pre-made crust.  There are healthier options out there but I'm still settling into being a mom and trying to cope with the amount of time that I no longer have, plus it was the only type they had at the store on Saturday.  I used 1/4 cup of pizza sauce, fresh spinach, fresh tomato slices, sauteed red onions, and 1/2 cup of reduced fat feta cheese.  It was actually quite delicious and made 8 slices.  As far as Weight Watchers points go, it's about 4 points a slice.  Could I cut it down a bit?  Sure.  Was I happy with the result though?  Definitely.

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