Friday, August 10, 2012

Pretty Successful Week

I'd say this week was pretty far as food goes.  I've pretty much accepted that I will never straighten my hair before I go to work and that I should probably invest in a flat iron to keep at my desk...  I had my first official morning of going to work with spittle and spilled coffee on my clothes.  I can't complain, she's beautiful and I love her.

I definitely meant to take photos of my wonderful creations but I bad.

Monday:  Sweet Italian turkey sausage with penne and home made sauce and a side of asparagus.
     This was modeled after my favorite frozen go-to:  Bertolli's Italian Sausage and Rigatoni frozen meal.

Tuesday:  Tomato chicken breasts with mixed vegetables
Wednesday:  Cheesy lemon chicken with a side of asparagus
Thursday:  Garlic ranch turkey burgers with green beans

Tuesday-Thursday I got these meals from an iPhone app called Meal Planning by Food on the Table.  It's pretty awesome and it's free.  You can select which grocery store you frequent and it will look up the items on sale that week.  You can also choose what types of things you eat:  chicken, fish, pork, low calorie, etc.  It sorts it's recipes by the foods you like to eat, by what kind of dish it is, ie breakfast, sides whatever and will add the necessary items to a grocery list.  You can also select how many servings you want to prepare and it will adjust the recipe for that particular number of servings.

Another app I'm currently enjoying is Healthy Grocery by ShopWell.  This app will take into consideration your age, sex, and current weight management goal.  You can then scan bar codes and it will tell you whether that food is something you should be buying.  You can also create a list in this app.

It was a pretty good week over all.  There are still some things that I need to change.  I took frozen Michaelina's Lean Gourmet meals for lunch and still drank my coffee with cream and sugar.  Oh well.  It's the little things.  I think that if I tried to change everything all at once and couldn't give myself any wiggle room that I would definitely be setting myself up for failure.  BUT, if I make little changes then I can still feel like the kid at the top of the page when the week is over.

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